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Profollica - Facts vs Fiction

When you look up Profollica on the Google, you can find dozens of reviews and blogs about it. Some of them are positive about it, some are negative. But how sure can you be what information amidst all these websites is true and which one is not? It seems that one of the most difficult things about Profollica is actually finding an honest review about it. You don’t want someone just to tell you that “this product will do this amazing thing and in that short amount of time”. You want facts about it, not fiction. And this is exactly what this short article about Profollica will try to do.


First of all, some of you may be wondering just what is Profollica. It is a 2-step system for treating a condition known as Male Pattern Baldness. The MPB is today one of the top three problems that can happen to men. While you can say that it is nothing more than a cosmetic problem, as it affects only hair and does not cause any more medical problems, those that suffer from it also experience a life full of stress and usually have a lack of confidence because of it. So, you see why it is important to put and end to it and this is where Profollica may be able to help you.


The reason for hair loss in men lies in the action of a hormone known as Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT for short. This hormone, which is very similar to testosterone, although with an addition of an enzyme which goes by the name 5-alpha-reductase. What DHT does to your hair are some nasty things. Basically, it attaches itself to your hair follicles and prevents them from getting enough nutrition, like blood from the scalp. This causes them to first shrink and they eventually die. Because of this, they are unable to feed the hair and you begin to lose it in a specific pattern which starts from the crown of your head and progresses towards to sides and back of it, which gives Male Pattern Baldness its name.


Profollica’s reviews and official website claim that this system is successful in lowering the levels of DHT in your body. Like I already said, it is a 2-step system and I’ll explain both of them right now.


The first step is using an oral herbal pill every day. This pill should lower the levels of DHT within your body. The pill is completely natural and is really nothing like some of the hair loss pills that you can find on the market and that can cause you sexual side effects, like some of its immediate competition does.


The second step is applying a topical gel on your scalp, also on daily basis. This will also prevent the production of DHT in your body, but will work outside. It too, is an all-natural product and is safe for use, with its main ingredient being trichogen.