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Embarrassed By Hair Loss? Try Profollica

According to the American Hair-loss Association, MPB, or Male Pattern Baldness is the cause of more than 95% of hair loss in men. 65% of men start losing hair by the age of 35. When they reach 55 years of age, about 85% of men have a significantly thinner hair than they had when they were still young. And there is yet another alarming truth. If you thought that Male Pattern baldness will not affect you if you are in your twenties, don’t be so sure. Every fourth man who has MPB has started losing his hair before he reached the age of 21.


Are you experiencing this same problem? Than I know exactly how you feel as I also had to deal with it. But not any longer. And how did I managed to deal with it? By using a product known as Profollica.


Now, you may have already tried many different hair loss products, from oral pills to gels. Most of them had a good basic idea. They knew that the reason for Male Pattern Baldness lies in the action of a hormone called Dihydrotestosterone, which makes the hair follicles shrink and die off eventually as a result of lack of nutrition. But, somehow, all or most of this products fail miserably when it comes to preventing its action. Why is this. It’s because they focus on just fighting it inside or outside your body. Profollica works both ways and I’ll explain how.


This is actually a two step system and it includes an oral herbal supplement and an active gel. The first one will fight DHT from the inside and the other on the outside. By doing this, they make sure that it is caught in a pincer movement and this hormone is soon dealt with. And while they are doing this, you can also be certain that both of them are quite safe, as they contain only natural ingredients and have been tested clinically, as well as endorsed by some of the leading experts in hair loss treatment.


Of course, you shouldn’t expect from Profollica to be an overnight solution. You will need to use both the oral supplement and the active gel continuously, every day. It doesn’t matter if you do this in the morning, afternoon or evening, or which one will you use first, just as long as you don’t forget about it. It will probably take a few weeks before you start seeing results, for me, it took 2,5 weeks before I noticed a significant improvement in my hair as it became stronger and thicker and it definitely stopped disappearing, although I know that it has been working long before that on fighting DHT.


I tried this product for myself and I could tell you that it really does work. It certainly helped me, not only to get my hair back, but also to become much more confident. This helped me become much better in the way I communicate with people and has allowed me to improve in my job.