What are the legal measures for debt collection?

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As you read, you will learn about the legal fees associated with a collection for a bank, individual or business.

Also, you will see the legal processes to which they are entitled.


  • These independent companies are responsible for collecting the outstanding amounts through their customers, those companies that take on the debts with their customers.
  • A collector therefore has pressure means to try to recover the money due. They must operate under strict rules.
  • In Quebec, a collection agency necessarily holds a license to have the right to pursue an unpaid amount. Know that the company must also have an address in the province. Its official title always includes a combination of “agency” or “agent” as well as “collection”.
  • If you have doubts about the legality of an individual who asks you to be accountable through a collection agency, do not hesitate to ask him for the numeric characters of his license or his Quebec business number. to check online its true existence. Go here .

How much will you pay for debt recovery?


Some banks will add interest and debt charges related to a delay or additional measures taken to recover their debt.

Debt collection from financial institutions, retail associations and insurers is therefore entitled to claim these fees:

Note : If the company knows that you are communicating with them through your mobile device, they have the right to claim the cost of calling you to take back some of your debts.

 But what about debts due to a company or an independent person?

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If the company or person is not on the list mentioned above, they are not entitled to demand more than the sum of your debt and interest.

If, as we see very often, the company tries to add you additional fees such as “file processing”, “closing of client file”, “penalty for delay” or “recovery costs”, you do not you do not have to pay them.

If your debt comes from buying a good or a service from a retail store, so you have to pay interest, it must be on your policy .

If in doubt, contact a specialist who will immediately inform you of the legality of the measures used by your creditor.

Fill out the form (on this page) for FREE in less than two minutes to receive your answer.

If, as we see very often, the company tries to add you additional fees such as “file processing”, “closing of client file”, “penalty for delay” or “recovery costs”, you do not you do not have to pay them.If in doubt, contact a specialist who will immediately inform you of the legality of the measures used by your creditor.

Some companies go too far in their recovery process: here’s how!

Some companies do everything in their power to give you the jitters. Know that there are legal ways to contact you.

If a collection agent communicates with you and uses one of the following methods, you will know that he has exceeded the limit and is doing something illegal .

However, when it comes to the Government (or any other body related to the Government), one rule differs:

  • The officer will have the right to communicate with you for 120 days following the notice of settlement, regardless of whether he has spoken to the court or not.

When collecting a debt, some people think they are all allowed. Know that even financial institutions adhere to strict regulations when it comes to communicating with debtors.

If a bank uses one of the means described below, complain!

What is the limit of the harassment of a collection agency?

The debt collector will have the right to communicate with your loved ones for only two purposes.

Here they are :

  • If he tries to find your phone number or your address. Note that he has only one attempt to get your phone number.
  • If he tries to contact someone who has promised to repay the overdue amount when you are unable to.

 A different rule applies to financial institutions, retail associations or insurers

Did you know that banks can not communicate with the people you live with or with your family, unless you give them written permission.

To find this permission somewhere, check to see if it appears at the bottom of the contract document establishing the debt.

Can a collection agent have the right to call you at work?

Absolutely, but not all the time and exclusively for certain pre-established reasons.

A collection officer will contact you at work if:

  • His test at home was unsuccessful.
  • She does not have contact information for your home.
  • She has your explicit agreement to do so.

 The difference for recovery by insurers, banks and retail associations

These companies (financial institutions, retail associations and insurers) will have the right to communicate with you during the course of your work in these cases :

  • They have your permission.
  • They could not reach you at your home.
  • They do not know your phone number at home.


Banks will contact your employer for details about your job and the business address.

  If they want to know anything else about you from your employer or a loved one, they can only do so with your written permission .If you think you will no longer be able to pay your debts or want to find a way to manage them without suffocating under the weight of interest,Take two minutes of your time to fill out the FREE form on this page.

The information that must be provided by all collection agencies

Make a request (in writing) at any time to a collection agency to obtain a summary of your previous payments and the amounts owing.

The company will have 10 days to send you your requested information.

At the same time, she will reveal this to you:

  • The initial sum to be repaid.
  • His license number.
  • The full title of the creditor.
  • As well as the date of this statement of account.

They do not have the right to force you to pay simply to have access to your own file.

The legal methods that a collection agency has to contact you

Did you know that a collection agency is required to follow specific laws?

At every communication with you (the debtor), she must absolutely follow these rules:

How to prove that your debt is repaid with a collection agency?

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Save unwelcome calls and unnecessary harassment by proving your payments to the collection agency.

The correction of your credit report could benefit you greatly in the event of a task coming from an error on the part of a collection agency.

Here’s how to make a change with a collection agency:

  • If your payment was not in cash, write to them to receive a receipt. They will have ten days to provide it to you.
  • In case of payment in cash (cash), the company must send you a receipt within 10 days of receipt of your payment.

If you want to get rid of your debts as quickly as possible!

Do not suffer the fate of thousands of Quebecers who drown in debt and finally go bankrupt.By filling out the form on this page, you will have the great advantage of gaining an ally of experience in your quest for the release of your debts.

When you leave the cycle you are in, you will put aside all those creditors (including collection agencies) that make your life difficult.


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