The first-time driver insurance

    Your own car insurance instead of the parents insured – with us you are independent and usually cheaper way. In the first year you even get 10% discount and the guarantee that your contribution can not rise. After one year of driving, you decide for yourself whether the novice driver insurance is the right thing for you.

    Do you need insurance immediately, or do you inform yourself first?

    I need insurance immediately and eVB number

    You can complete your Fahranfängerversicherung in a few steps with us and then immediately get an eVB number , with which you can register your car. And then what?

    Then you download our app BetterDrive. This measures in the future your driving style with the help of GPS. For each trip various factors such as acceleration and braking behavior are checked. The result is a score that you get for the first time after 400 kilometers. Billing at the end of the year is based on this score. Depending on how high you are – between 0 and 100 is possible – there is then the corresponding discount of up to 30% on the annual contribution of your car insurance. For the entire first year, you also get a starting discount of 10%, that’s for sure!

    I need insurance only in the future

    You can test our BetterDrive app for free . That is the basis for our beginner driver insurance. How does this work?

    The app BetterDrive measures your driving style using GPS. For each trip various factors such as acceleration and braking behavior are checked. The result is a score that you get for the first time after 400 kilometers. The score is the basis for your insurance contribution. The closer you get to the maximum score of 100, the more you save – up to 30% each year .

    If you test the app, you’ll already get feedback on how to improve your driving style. You can also get a good score, which will benefit you when you take out the insurance. Example: You test the app and after 400 kilometers have a score that means 20% savings. In any case, in the first year of insurance, we will still top 10% on top of that. Means: If you take out the insurance, you save in the first year of insurance directly 30%! The settlement at the end of the year, which determines your contribution for the following year, is then based again on your experienced score, which is between 0 and 100.

    That’s why the beginner insurance is the optimal solution for you

    • Tailored to young riders between 18 and 28 (when you are older, click here)
    • Good driving style is rewarded with contribution savings of up to 30% per year.
    • With the feedback in the app you can become an even better driver.
    • With the novice driver insurance you can directly experience your own damage-free years.
    • We guarantee you the contribution for the current insurance year. With this confidence bonus you have time to improve your driving style with the help of the app.

    Profollica – Facts vs Fiction

    When you look up Profollica on the Google, you can find dozens of reviews and blogs about it. Some of them are positive (´・(00)・`) loans for bad credit with monthly payments @(/ェ・o)@ about it, some are negative. But how sure can you be what information amidst all these websites is true and which one is not? It seems that one of the most difficult things about Profollica is actually finding an honest review about it. You don’t want someone just to tell you that “this product will do this amazing thing and in that short amount of time”. You want facts about it, not fiction. And this is exactly what this short article about Profollica will try to do.

    See the Difference That Profollica Can Make

    Profollica has not been very long on the market for hair loss treatment and yet it has already established itself as a very popular solution. Why is that? The answer is quite simple. Because it makes a difference. There are just tons of different hair loss products around, some of them being oral pills, others work as gels, tonics or shampoos, but when you draw the line you see that these products did not only failed to help you when it comes to hair loss, they have also added to it because all the stress they have caused by being a complete waste of money.
    Before You Buy It!


    You Need To Know These Facts About Profollica

    Facts are always important $%$% direct payday loan lenders (≧∀≦). Especially when it comes to a product which claims that it can reduce and even prevent the signs of hair loss as Profollica does. So knowing as much as you can about it is extremely important. But finding true facts about it is sometimes a really hard business. Well, in order to save you time, I’ve written this short article about Profollica.

    Embarrassed By Hair Loss? Try Profollica

    According to the American Hair-loss Association, MPB, or Male Pattern Baldness is the cause of more than 95% of hair loss in men. 65% of men start losing hair by the age of 35. When they reach 55 years of age, about 85% of men have significantly thinner hair than they had when they were still young. And there is yet another alarming truth. If you thought that Male Pattern baldness will not affect you if you are in your twenties, don’t be so sure. Every fourth man who has MPB has started losing his hair before he reached the age of 21.